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Altor International's experience and reliability has been developed through years of training and presentation of courses to various Military Units, African Royal Protection Teams, Presidential Protection Teams, Reaction Units, and various other specialists. We believe that in order for training to be effective the courses must be tailored to meet the specific requirements and environment within which the security operative/employee may be required to operate in. The company is also aware of the fact that the environment and circumstances are continually changing and evolving, therefore the training material and tactics are revised and altered on a regular basis, which not only ensures that the most current and up to date training is given, but also consistently maintains a level of training equivalent to international standards.

We recommend training commences with unarmed training (empty handed skills) and build up through the alternative weaponry and force options available, rounding off with firearm skills.

Programmes are facilitated according to the Client’s needs and the regional legislation.
A combination of all these courses are also available.

  • Advanced Driver Training
  • Firearms Training Basic to Advanced
  • Defensive Tactics & Close Quarter Battle Skills
  • Close Protection Skills Programme
  • Close Protection Specific Unit Standards
  • Close Protection National Certificate
  • RPL Assessments

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The aim of Well-being Training is to introduce the Participant to the realities of violence and crime. We focus on providing the mental tools and understanding required to proactively identify, avoid and manage these situations should they occur. After completing the course, the Participant will have a heightened awareness of personal security which will assist in reducing their risk of being exposed to violent encounters and crime in all aspects of their lives. The knowledge and skills learned through these educational sessions provide essential ingredients to lead healthier and safer lives thereby ensuring higher levels of productivity in the workplace. It is advisable to begin with the Security Awareness Session and to cover as many of the courses as possible to ensure that each person is able to predict, avoid or react appropriately in as many situations as possible.

Programmes are facilitated according to the Client’s needs and the regional legislation.
A combination of all these courses are also available.

  • Security Awareness
  • Armed Robbery Management &  Hostage / Kidnap Survival
  • Conflict Management & Communication
  • Defensive Driving
  • Firearm Skills
  • Hi-jack Avoidance & Management
  • Self Defense
  • Hostile Environment & Personal Safety
  • Use of Pepper Spray
  • Rape Prevention & Women Self Defense
  • Safe Cell
  • Travel Security

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We offer a specialised Operational services in the execution of Executive Protection or Close Protection Duties . The relevant Professionals in specific areas of security are utilised to provide Clients with the most up-to-date and complete security service.

  • Close Protection Officers & Teams
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Surveys & Audits
  • Facilitation
    • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
    • Electronic Security
    • Investigations
    • Physical Security
    • Security Consultants & Co-ordinators

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