Specialist Training, Corporate Security Education Programmes, Consulting, Protective Operations


Close Protection Officers & Teams

Altor International operatives maintain the highest levels of integrity and service by meeting extensive selection requirements as well as undergoing comprehensive training and retraining.

Operatives conduct themselves in a manner commensurate to the principal’s profile, risk level, threat level and strive to not only ensure the safety of the Principal but their comfort and peace of mind as well.

service_risk-assesmmentRisk Assessment

Altor International Risk Assessment Division has had vast experience in this field.

All assessments are conducted on a personal needs basis and the packages are marketed on the clients needs and threats.


We offer a facilitation and consultation service whereby we assist the clients to determine their specific needs through the relevant and prerequisite consultation process.

service_operationalElectronic Counter Measures (ECM)

Altor International and its associates provide an encompassing and thorough Electronic Counter-Measures Investigation (ECMI) using the most advanced and modern equipment and technology available.

service_electronicElectronic Security

Altor International in conjunction with its associate companies can provide a wide range of varied security systems and equipment.


Altor International aims to provide a comprehensive approach to investigations and problem solving through a consultative approach to achieve the desired outcome or to recommend alternative options.

An investigation is not an exact science and has numerous variables. It is imperative to consider that no guarantees can be given relating to the outcome the client wants during the investigation phase as there is no definite in the evidence that might be gathered.

service_physical-securityPhysical Security

Altor International with its associate companies can provide a holistic integrated solution for Electronic Building Security and Access Control requirements.

Security Consultants & Co-ordinators

Altor International has the capability to provide personnel with the desired qualifications and experience to any project for a specific contract or time period as identified by the client.


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