Specialist Training, Corporate Security Education Programmes, Consulting, Protective Operations


Programmes are facilitated according to the Client’s needs and the regional legislation. A combination of all these courses are also available.

Security Awareness

This is the cornerstone of all our corporate training and is highly recommended as a foundation workshop.

To provide participants with an understanding of security, environmental awareness and how to integrate these concepts into their daily lives. Participants should be able to identify and take appropriate measures to avoid and pre-empt criminal acts by utilising awareness and understanding of how criminals think.

service_kidnapArmed Robbery Management &  Hostage / Kidnap Survival

This workshop provides the necessary understanding, experience, and methodology required to recognise, avoid, manage, and react correctly under the extreme duress of such situations. Equipping personnel with the knowledge to avoid aggravating the threat and assist participants in motivating an attitude of survival if they are ever involved in these threatening situations.

service_conflictConflict Management & Communication

To teach participants the essential ingredients of communication. The participant is shown how to improve their knowledge and skills and by doing so, they will be able to resolve a conflict situation by means of proper communication.

service_drivingDefensive Driving

To teach participants the essential skills of driving in such a manner that potential dangers and accidents are avoided, in spite of the incorrect actions of others, or the presence of adverse driving conditions.

service_firearm_skillsFirearm Skills

To provide the participant with a variety of skills, knowledge and techniques with respect to the use and safety of firearms.

service_hijackHi-jack Avoidance & Management

To create an awareness regarding personal safety and security when departing, travelling and arriving at any destination by vehicle as well as motivate an attitude of constant awareness and equipping personnel with the knowledge to recognize and avoid a potential threat.

service_self-defence2Self Defense

To provide participants with the introductory skills to identify, avoid and if necessary effectively deal with any violent situation in which they may find themselves.

service_hostileHostile Environment & Personal Safety

To provide the participants with the fundamental skills to identify, avoid and in the worst case manage criminal or violent situations that may occur whilst visiting a Hostile Environment.

service_pepper-sprayUse of Pepper Spray

To teach participants the correct and most effective method to use the pepper spray canister in self defense situations.


Rape Prevention & Women Self Defense

To empower women with the fundamentals in understanding and having the ability to identify and if possible, avoid any rape or violent assault situation.

service_safe-cellSafe Cell

To identify a sufficient area within the participants residence for the utilization of emergency rendezvous and to enlighten participants with essential information and actions in the event of an incident at one’s residence.

service_travel-secTravel Security

To assist the participant to think pro-actively when planning, arriving, departing and arriving home from a trip, as well as apply general security awareness while touring or traveling.


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